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The Toki Alai Visitors’ Centre

Dissemination and awareness activities

The park's goals include attracting the public by means of setting up a series of dissemination and awareness activities to allow them to discover the area’s traditional values or of natural, cultural or landscape interest, while preserving its character. Therefore, various activities for the general public are periodically organised and are listed in the Revista de Urkiola magazine that is published every half year In 2000, the “Friends of Urkiola-Urkiolako Lagunak” group was created and currently boasts over 600 members who are interested in the Park. The Friends regularly receive detailed information about the organised activities and many of them actively participate in them.

These are some of the activities organised throughout the year:


-Conferences and Seminars

In spring and autumn, various conferences and seminars are held in the Letona-Korta farmstead and tackle various theme related to the Park (birds of prey, medicinal plants, mycology, etc.).

Seminars on medicinal plants in the Letona-Korta farmstead
Seminars on medicinal plants in the Letona-Korta farmstead.


-Guided Routes

Various guided trips are organised throughout the year and are an ideal opportunity to discover the cultural and natural values of the Park. They range from straightforward themed routes that are suitable for anybody to more mountainous routes that require a greater level of fitness. In conjunction with the Matiena Potholing Group (GEMA), several visits to some of Urkiola's most interesting caves have been organised from time to time.

Friends of Urkiola on a guided route to the  Ojo de Eskillar
Friends of Urkiola on a guided route to the Ojo de Eskillar.


-Day of the Tree

The day of the tree is one of the highlights at Urkiola, as it combines the recovery of the native forests with raising awareness among the population, particularly amongst its youngest members. This activity comes under the Park's awareness, dissemination and conservation goals. This activity has been organised in conjunction with the Abadiño Town Council and local schools. Around 100 primary school children take part each year and they plant numerous trees in the area close to the Urkiola pass. It is hoped that in the future similar schemes will be set up with other local town councils.

Abadiño school children planting trees at Urkiola
Abadiño school children planting trees at Urkiola.


-Open day

The open day is an opportunity for the general public to learn more about the awareness and education activities, the management of the Park and also about some of its main installations (the Toki Alai Interpretation Centre and the Letona-Korta farmstead). It is held in June and attracts many people who are able to learn more Urkiola Natural Park from a different perspective.

Board Meeting Room in Toki Alai
Board Meeting Room in Toki Alai.


-Volunteer programmes

The volunteer programmes are one of the main attractions of the park's awareness and conservation activities. Even though the programmes are open to the general public, most of the volunteers are from the Friends of Urkiola-Urkiolako Lagunak group. The programmes vary from year to year and a wide range of activities have been organised over the years: checking the signs on the Urkiola paths, conservation studies of threatened plants, placing nesting boxes, cleaning days, etc

Friends of Urkiola placing nesting boxes for birds
Friends of Urkiola placing nesting boxes for birds.


-Publication of the Revista de Urkiola magazine

Since 2000, a magazine covering the various features of Urkiola Natural Park has been published twice a year (in March and in September). The magazine has several permanent sections, such as the calendar of scheduled activities, routes through the Park or the management. It welcomes articles and is an important means of communication with the local population, as free copies are distributed in all the municipal districts in the Park.

Revista de Urkiola magazine
Revista de Urkiola magazine.

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