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The Toki Alai Visitors’ Centre

Environmental educational programmes for schools

Environmental education in natural spaces is considered to be a very important educational tool, to the point that it is now part of curriculum at many schools. The Park has offered a range of environmental educational programmes right from when it was set up. Eight one-day programmes are currently organised. These are aimed particularly for infant and primary school children and consist of visits to the surrounding areas and to the Toki Alia exhibition, educational games, bird watching, etc. The educational programme is based in the Toki Alai Visitors Centre and the Letona-Korta farmstead.

The educational programmes are adapted to each school period and tackle different themes to do with the Park (fauna, the beech forest, the human being, mythology).

The programme is available to the schools in Bizkaia and Alava, which have to reserve their visit in September by calling Toki Alai (telephone: 946814155).


Releasing birds of prey in the Urkiola Natural Park
Releasing birds of prey in the Urkiola Natural Park.


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