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The Toki Alai Visitors’ Centre

Information about the park and surrounding areas

Thousands of people visit Urkiola each year to enjoy nature in a beautiful mountain setting. At weekends, the visitors are mainly from nearby towns and other parts of the Basque Country. Yet many people from the rest of Spain and other countries visit the Park during their holidays and when there is a long weekend. The Toki Alai Visitors’ Centre is the park’s main information point used by the visitors. The Toki Alai staff provide information about the wide range of resources available for the visitors to enjoy the Park and the surrounding areas. These range from theme routes to details of the accommodation to be found in the nearby villages. Leaflets and maps about the routes, thematic guide books about the Park (fauna, flora, fungi, etc), accommodation brochures, posters, T-shirts are just some of the items available.

Leaflets, maps and books about the Urkiola Natural Park
Leaflets, maps and books about the Urkiola Natural Park.


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