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The Toki Alai Visitors’ Centre


Winter view of Mount Saibi with Toki Alai and Letona-Korta below Even in winter
Winter view of Mount Saibi with Toki Alai and Letona-Korta below Even in winter, hundreds of school children come to the Urkiola Natural Park on environmental educational programmes.

When Urkiola was declared a Natural Park, one of the objectives was to attract people to discover this natural setting and thus achieve greater awareness of the need for it to be conserved. In order to achieve those objectives, Bizkaia Provincial Council’s Department of Agriculture set up the Toki Alai Visitors’ Centre, where activities are organised to inform, educate and raise awareness among a very wide target. In addition to the Visitors Centre, the Park has the Letona-Korta farmstead located next to the centre, along with information panels at the entrances to the Park.

The Toki Alai Visitors Centre and the Letona-Korta farmstead are located on the eastern slope of Mount Saibi, just as few metres from the Urkiola pass. To reach the centre, take the BI-623 Vitoria-Gasteiz- Durango road to the Urkiola pass and then go a further 200 metres up a concrete track from the Bizkarra restaurant car park. There are signs from the road and you can take your car right up to the centre. Private coach parties have to go through Otxandio to Urkiola pass, as vehicles over 10 metres long are banned on the road from Durango.

The Toki Alai Visitors Centre has a permanent exhibition on Urkiola Natural Park. There is also an audiovisual show and a colony of vultures can be observed through a video camera. The centre also provides information about routes, points of interest and tourist information about the Park and surrounding areas. The nearby Letona-Korta farmstead is used for educational programmes and to host seminars, conferences, exhibitions, etc.

The address is:

Centro de Interpretación Toki Alai

Puerto de Urkiola - 48211 URKIOLA
Tel. 946814155

Opening hours are:

Winter opening

10:30-14:30 por la mañana
15:30-17:30 por la tarde

Summer opening

10:00-14:00 por la mañana
16:00-18:00 por la tarde

Open all year (except 25th December, 1st January and 6th January).

*The timetable alters when the clock changes.


Toki Alai Visitors’ Centre
Toki Alai Visitors’ Centre.


Letona-Korta Farmstead
Letona-Korta Farmstead.


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