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The Toki Alai Visitors’ Centre

Visitor figures

The Toki Alai Visitors Centre receives an average of over 16,000 visitors a year, 6,500 of which are school children on organised visits. Every year, over 160 school groups visit the Park and take part in one of the Toki Alai environmental educational programmes.

The following graph shows the number of visitors over recent years.


At weekends and during holiday periods, most of the visitors come from Bizkaia, Alava and Gipuzkoa. However, there has been a notable increase over recent years in the number of visitors from other autonomous communities and even from other countries (France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, the United States, etc.). Origin of the visitors by provinces of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (2004 figures).


Origin by Autonomous Communities or provinces in the rest of Spain (2004 figures).


Apart from school visits and by private individuals to Toki Alai, special mention should be made of the participation in the awareness and dissemination activities organised by the Park. In 2004, 475 people took part in those activities, which rose to 526 in 2005.

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