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The Park’s endangered flora

Flora in danger of extinction

In the Park, there are 13 plant species included in the “Basque Catalogue of Endangered Species” The species in question and category of threat and their location are set out in the following table:

Fauna en peligro de extinción
Aster alpinus Rara Mugarra, Udalatx
Berberis vulgaris Rara Alluitz, Untzillatx
Gypsophila repens Rara Anboto
Tozzia alpina Rara Anboto
Allium victorialis Interés Especial Anboto
Armeria pubinervis Interés Especial Anboto
Huperzia selago Interés Especial Anboto
Ilex aquifolium Interés Especial Urkiola, Saibi, Urkiolagirre
Narcissus asturiensis Interés Especial Leungana
Narcissus pseudonarcissus gr. nobilis-varduliensis Interés Especial Mugarra, Aldazitala, Saibi
Pinguicula lusitanica Interés Especial Urkiola
Taxus baccata Interés Especial Anboto, Eskuagatx, Aramotz
Veratrum album Interés Especial Anboto, Saibitd

Key:  Rare  Special Interest

The risk factors that affect endangered plants include grazing, animals or people treading on them, gathering plants, reproduction problems, the drying out of wetlands, inadequate forestry management, the small size of some populations and the climate change. The Park Use and Management Plan (PRUG) specifies that the endangered plant species and the environmental conditions of their habits must be monitored and protected. The appropriate measures must be taken to conserve “scarce" and “vulnerable” habitats. The two main priorities are “the plan to protect and recover the crag vegetation” and that of the “Park's peat bogs". In the case of the crag vegetation, steps must be taken to reduce the pressure from livestock. The flocks of goats will have to be eliminated and fencing put in some zones, work that is still pending. In the case of the peat bogs, an inventory has been carried out and protection introduced in the form of fencing.

The aforementioned protection measures are not the only ones implemented to conserve the flora, as the PRUG establishes a specific set of regulations to protect the native forests. The regulation of the different human activities is carried out while focusing on the conservation of the biodiversity, which can have a positive impact on protecting the plants.

We can all help to contribute to conserve the flora. You just have to abide by the follow recommendations:

  • Don’t pick flowers. Better in a photograph than in a rubbish bin.
  • Respect the fencing and close gates.
  • Do not walk off the paths, particularly in the zones with high erosion.
  • Do not drive off the roads and authorised tracks.
  • Do not throw your rubbish or even food remains on the floor.
  • If you see anyone damaging or picking the plants, tell the warders straight away.


Aster alpinus

Armeria pubinervis

Veratrum album

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