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Ayuntamiento de la Anteiglesia de Abadiño

Parque Natural de Urkiola · Ayuntamiento de Abadiño


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Potholing in Urkiola


The park stretches out before your spellbound and curious eyes.

High and challenging limestone mountains, with birds of preys majestically soaring around them; deep and dark valleys cleaved by crystal-clear streams; leafy and thick forests that are home to a large variety of animal species; beautiful pasture land where herds and flocks of animals happily craze... What you may not know or even image is that a magical and mysterious world is to be found, here under your feet, under the landscape that you are admiring. An ancient world where, unlike our noisy and fast-paced society, time seems to stand still, offering a new and relaxed dimension.

An universe, more than a world, where the shapes, silence and darkness seem to come magically to life. A world reserved for a few lucky people: Potholers...

Arriluzea – First aid drills
Arriluzea – First aid drills.


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