Ayuntamiento de la Anteiglesia de Abadiño
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A paradise of diversity.

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A first hand glimpse at the Urkiola fauna. So you don’t miss out on any detail of the diversity in our region.


Find out where the park is located and how to get there. Why don’t you come and discover the beauty of the Urkiola Natural Park.


Just click on the link and learn about all the plants to be found in the Park. Detailed information about the region’s most important vegetation.


Come and enjoy one of the most thrilling sports in a setting of unrivalled beauty. Find out where you can go climbing in Urkiola.

Toki Alai

Our Toki Alai Visitors’ Centre has all the information you will need about the activities organised about the Park.

Abadiño: a delight for your senses.

The village on the slopes of Urkiola

As important as the nature itself is the natural setting and which will turn your trip into an unforgettable experience.

Abadiño, a charming spot where to get away from it all and enjoy the local hospitality, its cuisine, its festivities and the marvellous setting on the edge of the Urkiola Park.

Discover the village at the foot of Mount Urkiola… discover Abadiño.


How to reach us.

So you don’t get lost…

How to get to the park

The park and the village of Abadiño can be easily reached by various means of transport. Detailed information on how to get to the park and surrounding areas is set out below:


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