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Climbing in Atxarte


The Aitz-Txiki spurs at dusk: an unforgettable view after a pleasant day's climbing.

Atxarte is the name given to a beautiful and spectacular narrow pass between the Aitz-Txiki and Alluitz peaks. It is in the municipal district of Abadiño and is part of the Urkiola Natural Park. Its very name reflects the nature of this place as it means “between crags”. The steep slopes of Aitz-Txiki and Alluitz are noted for the large rocky outcrops, needles and spurs that attract many climbers.

Usokobetagane, Saukukogane, Sorginkobetagane, Urrestei and many other limestone needles are well-known among the climbing fraternity that flocks to the vertical walls of Atxarte to climb up the many routes.

Atxarte is a place with a great deal of history, as can be seen from the Palaeolithic remains (from 25,000 years ago) that J. M. Barandiaran found in some of the caves where our ancestors sheltered in the past.

Over recent decades, several generations of climbers have enjoyed the vertical walls, spurs and needles of Aitz-Txiki and Untzillatx and one of the Basque Country's most important climbing schools is now run from Atxarte.

Many climbers have open up magnificent routes up the walls of Atxarte, such as Urrestei's Sur Clásica, Eguzkiarre's De Todos, the Eros and Thanatos at Sorginkobetagane or the Perestroika at Usokobetagane.

Large and small walls, easy and difficult climbs, which are well or semi-equipped. There are over 400 climbing routes to choose from at Atxarte, thanks to the work of the team who have hand bolted belays in place for those people who want to enjoy climbing in this magnificent landscape surrounded by mountains. Unfortunately, the former Atxarte quarries have left two enormous holes at the bottom of Untzillatx that are a reminder of the destructive capacity of the human being. Despite this bleak quarry landscape, the valley retains its charm and is well worth a visit.


Leire and Zigor going up the “Coño de la Bernarda” (7a) in Sorginkobetagane (third spur).


Mikel fighting on the “Movimientos Epilépticos” (7c+) in Usokobetagane (The Gate).


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