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Special mention should be made of two chapels that are nearly the same distance from the Sanctuary and which can easily reached along a path: Santa Apolonia and Santo Cristo. On the southern slope of Urkiolagirre, the Chapel of Santa Apolonia, popularly known as “Santutxu”, stands in the middle of a beech wood along the old road to Victoria. It is about 200 m away from Sanctuary to the right. It used to be used as a humility chapel, as the pilgrims stopped there before reaching the Sanctuary to prepare for the penitence or promise made to the saint. Many pilgrims would then proceed barefooted to the Sanctuary. It is built on a spring, whose waters are believed to curative. Legend has it that if you are suffering from toothache, you should drink some water from this spring, but do not swallow it, walk three or seven times around the chapel and then spit it out inside the chapel and call out to the Saint. If you really want to make sure it work, you should say a creed before and after this rite. Santa Apolonia was considered to the patron saint’s of dentists from Duranguesado. The King’s Highway is thought to have gone past here in the past.

The Chapel of Santo Cristo, popularly known as “the Kristoren chapel" is along the road to the north-west of the Sanctuary. There is also a track running from it to the Sanctuary. It was also a humility chapel in the past. Pilgrims would remove their footwear and perform an act of contrition here before setting off to the Sanctuary. The Urkiola Sanctuary and the Santo Cristo and Santa Polonia chapels are monuments near to the Saibi-Erreka recreational area.

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