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Even though the tradition of collecting mushrooms and toadstools can be traced way back in time, the first Abadiño mycology group began in 1992 and Arrano Kultur Taldea was the driving force behind it. Their main task every year was to collect, classify and exhibit the different types of mushrooms and toadstools.

In 2004 the Socidad Micológica GEREDIXA was founded, in accordance with the legal requirements: articles of association, tax number. It now has more than fifty members and F. Zubero is the current chairman. The headquarters is at Errota Kultur Etxea de Traña-Matiena and the Chairman’s contact telephone number is 677637433

The following activities are organised throughout the year:

Collecting, classifying and organising an annual mycology exhibition, which is held at the beginning of October. A team of experts, Daniel Palacios, “Bobby” Gallastegi,..., helps us with the classification.

“Flowers and Fungi of the Basque County" photography competition, with is held at the same time as the annual exhibition.

Field trips with a talk afterwards on the species gathered.

Mushroom tasting held to coincide with various local events: San Blas, San Trokaz,...

Other mycology talks.


Text and pictures: Plácido Iglesias.

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