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Edible fungi

Amanita vinosa

Amanita vinosa
Amanita Rubescens - Roger’s Mushroom

Sin.:Amanita rubens Quelet
From rubescens (lat) = That gets reds. Due to its reddish flesh.
Common name = Roger’s Mushroom

CAP: 5 to 15 cm in diameter. Convex to shield shaped. Rosy brown to flesh colour, sometimes with a yellowish flush covered with white or slightly reddish patches. Edge not straightened. Black-white verrugas.

GILLS: White, wide, close together, turn reddish-brown with age.

STEM: 5-15 x 1.3 cm, white, strongly flushed with cap colour, white above the striate membranous ring, becoming reddish near the bulbous base which occasionally has scattered scaly patches of volva.

FLESH: Flesh white, gradually becoming pink when bruised or exposed to air, smell not distinctive, flavour not strong or rather bitter.

HABITAT: From mid-spring to autumn in any type of forests. It is very common here in pine forests.

EDIBILITY: Good to eat. It must be cooked to over 70º C. It is poisonous if eaten raw.

OBSERVATIONS: Very abundant species that comes in a large variety of forms and sizes. It can be confused with A.spissa, A.franchetii and A,pantherina, which is poisonous , but the flesh does not turn red when the flesh is bruised in these species.


Text and pictures: Plácido Iglesias.

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