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Edible fungi

Parasol Mushroom

Macrolepiota procera – Parasol Mushroom

From procerus (lat) = Tall, slim. Due to its aspect.
Common name = (eng) Parasol Mushroom.

CAP: 10 to 25 (30) cm in diameter, initially near spherical, then it opens up and ends up fully spread out, with a central nipple, brown in colour, then as the cuticle begins to crack, there are brown scales on a whitish background.

GILLS: White or slightly creamy, free, dense, potbellied.

STEM: Long, reaches 40 cm in age, cylindrical, hollow, fibrous, with striped zigzag, same colour as cap, bulbous at base. Double ring that can move up and down the stem without breaking.

FLESH: White, tender in the cap, fibrous stem. Barely smell, pleasant flavour.

HABITAT: Summer and autumn in forests and meadows.

EDIBILITY: Very tasty, except for the stem that is fibrous.

OBSERVATIONS: Very common mushroom in our zone. It can be confused with Macrolepiotas as it is similar in look, but the latter grows to a larger size.


Text and pictures: Plácido Iglesias.

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