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Edible fungi

Sweetbread Mushroom or The Miller

Clitopilus prunulus – Sweetbread Mushroom or The Miller

From prunulus (lat) = prune. Where it was found for the first time(?)
Common name = (eng) Sweetbread mushroom or The Miller.

CAP: 4 to 10 cm in diameter, convex, then flat, sloping, irregular surface, rolled edge, very fragile, white or pale grey in colour, covered with a whitish hoarfrost that looks like flour.

GILLS: Decurrent, tight, initially white, then pink when spores mature.

STEM: Short, often eccentric and curved, cottony at base.

FLESH: White, soft, fragile, floury smell, pleasant, soft flavour.

HABITAT: Summer and autumn in any type of wood.

EDIBILITY: Excellent, very delicious, ruins easily.

OBSERVATIONS: It can be confused with Clitocybes blancos, which are toxic, but they do not have pink gills and their flesh is elastic not fragile. If you drop a C.prunulus cap, it beaks easily. It grows in the same place and at the same time as the edible boletus.


Text and pictures: Plácido Iglesias.

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