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Edible fungi

Queen bolete

Hongo negro
Boletus aereus - Queen bolete

Sin.:Boletus ustulatus Paulet
From aereus (lat)=Bronze. Due to its colour.
Common name= Queen bolete

CAP: 6 to 20 (25) cm in diameter, hemispheric then convex, dark brown in colour, sometimes nearly black when young, velvetly with bronze patches over the surface of the cap when old.

TUBES: Thin, long, white, then yellowish, finishing as yellowish-green, nearly free.

PORES: Small, tight, closed in the beginning, white then yellow.

STEM: Hard, clump, fat, then slim, light brown to reddish golden in colour, with a short, light reticle, then dark brown.

FLESH: Firm, hard, white, not coloured under the cap. Pleasant smell and flavour.

HABITAT: Summer and autumn under leafy trees, particularly oaks.

EDIBILITY: Excellent, one of the best and most sought after in our region.

OBSERVATIONS: Typical fungus of our oak forests. It can be confused with Boletus edulis, with Boletus pinophilus and with B.reticulatus.


Text and pictures: Plácido Iglesias.

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