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Edible fungi

Green-cracking Russula

Seta de Cura
Russula virescens – Green-cracking Russula

From virescens (lat) = Which turns to green. Due to its colour.
Common name = (eng) Green-cracking Russula.

CAP: 4 to 9 (13) cm in diameter, fleshy, hard, very solid, round when young, then hemispherical, and ends up spread out with a dipped centre. Scaly cuticle, quartered and with verdigris patches, green or greenish-verdigris in colour, with no blue or red hues. It can be totally white when young.

GILLS: Very tight, fragile, forked, white or creamy-white, sometimes with pink specks.

STEM: 4-9 x 2-4 cm in diameter. Robust, hard, white, cylindrical, narrower at base.

FLESH: Thick, compact, white, pleasant flavour.

HABITAT: From summer to early autumn in deciduous forest, in particular when there are oak trees.

EDIBILITY: Excellent, probably the most sought-after in our zone.

OBSERVATIONS: It has the highest specific weight of all the Russulas. It can be confused with other green Russulas, such as the R.heterophylla that does not have a quartered cuticle or with R.aeruginea that grows in birch woods, both of which are eligible. It would be more serious to confuse it with A.phalloides (mortal), but the latter has a ring and volva. You should not pick small Russulas near to the ground, as you could cut an A.phalloides based on the cap and confuse it, as the result of the colour, with a R.virescens.


Text and pictures: Plácido Iglesias.

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