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Edible fungi

Red foot

Pie rojo
Boletus erythropus - Red foot

From erythros (gr)=red and pus (gr) = foot. Due to its red stalk
Common name = red foot

CAP: 6 to 20 cm in diameter, convex, fleshing, velvety cuticula, dry, dark reddish brown.

TUBES: Fine, long, tight, greeny yellow, blue on contact with air.

PORES: Small, round, bright red in colour, dark red, blue when pressed.

STEM: Strong, fast, thinner in the apex, red all over its surface on a yellowish background.

FLESH: Compact, tight, yellow, deep blue when cut, mild flavour, weak smell.

HABITAT: Summer-autumn. Common in beech and oak woods, less common in pine forests.

EDIBILITY: Good to eat despite its change in colour. As is the case of the majority of fungi, it is not recommended to eat it raw.

OBSERVATIONS: As is the case of nearly all the Boletus, it forms micorrhiza, it is a very heathly mushroom that is rarely attacked by insect larva, although it is generally not eaten due to change of colour of the flesh. It can be confused with B.luridus, but the latter has a well marked reticule on the stem and it is also edible.


Text and pictures: Plácido Iglesias.

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