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Edible fungi

Shaggy Mane

Coprinus comatus – Shaggy Mane

From comatus (lat) = hairy. Due to the appearance of the cap when it ages.
Common name = (eng) Shaggy Mane

CAP: White with dirty white fibrous scales, upper part smooth and brownish. Ovoid to cylindrical, up to 12 cm high when closed. In age, its edges open and it turns black and becomes liquidy.

GILLS: Tight, uneven, free, white then pink and finally black and liquidy.

STEM: Bulbous, hollow, white, with ring in middle or at bottom, slim.

FLESH: Thin, white, soft, liquidy, fibrous in stem, sweet flavour, almost no smell.

HABITAT: In spring and autumn, in meadows, along paths and on dung heaps.

EDIBILITY: Very good. Mild and delicious flavour.

OBSERVATIONS: This mushroom is easy to recognise and has to be eaten almost straight away, as it goes off in just a few hours. It has to be thrown away when the flesh is pink or black. It can be confused with C.atramentarius, whose cap is scaly and more ovoid, and is also grey and not white. It is also similar to C.sterquilinus, which is very unusual and grows on dung heaps.


Text and pictures: Plácido Iglesias.

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