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Edible fungi

St. George's Mushroom

Calocybe gambosa – St. George's Mushroom

Sin.:Tricholoma georgii (Clus. Ex Fr.) Quelet
Common name = (eng) St. George's Mushroom.

CAP: 5 to 10 cm in diameter, hemispherical, convex to flat-convex, white to creamy-white cuticle, brownish-grey, rolled edge and non-separable cuticle.

GILLS: Tight, sinuous, low-cut, white or cream.

STEM: Whitish, 3-6 x 1-3 cm, solid, short, fibrous when older.

FLESH: White, compact, floury smell and flavour.

HABITAT: In spring, in pasture land, mountain meadows, between heather, gorse, etc, on limestone land.

EDIBILITY: Excellent, highly sought after.

OBSERVATIONS: It is one of the most sought after mushrooms in our region and there is a real market for this mushroom in spring. It has hypoglucemic properties (lowers the blood sugar). It can be confused with Inocybe patoullardii, which is poisonous and unusual in our region.


Text and pictures: Plácido Iglesias.

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