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Edible fungi


Hongo blanco
Boletus edulis - Porcini

From edulis (lat) = edible
Common name = Porcini

CAP: 6 to 20 cm in diameter. Fleshy, hemispherical, then convex. More or less light brown in colour, with a lighter edge, viscose cuticle in damp weather, not very separable. The colour can range from light to milky coffee brown.

TUBES: Firm, long, easy to separate from the cap, whitish, then greenish-yellow.

PORES: Small, round, connected to tubes, does not changed when touched.

STEM: Fat, fully, fleshy, obese when young, slimmer when older, light brown or whitish in colour, with a whitish reticule in the upper part.

FLESH: White, does not change, light brown under the cuticle, fat and firm when young, gets softer when older. Pleasant smell, soft flavour.

HABITAT: Autumn, in any type of wood.

EDIBILITY: Excellent, one of the most tasty fungi and most probably the mostly widely used in cooking.

OBSERVATIONS: Fungus that forms micorrhiza with nearly all types of trees, from pines, beeches, oaks, to rockroses. It is probably the most sought after mushroom. It can be confused with B.reticulatus, but the latter has reticules all over the stem and the flesh under the cuticle is white and is also mainly grows in summer.


Text and pictures: Plácido Iglesias.

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