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Edible fungi

Pine Bolete

Boleto de pino
Boletus pinophilus - Pine bolete

Sin.Boletus pinicola (Vit.) Venturi
Pinícola; relating to its habitat.
Common name = Pine bolete

CAP: 8 to 20 cm in diameter, hemsispheric Round, burgandy or reddish brown, dry cuticle, rather viscose in wet weather.

TUBES: Sticky, long, easily separated, white at the beginning then yellowish-green.

PORES: Small, round, connected to tubes, does not changed when touched.

STEM: Fat, solid, wider at the start than the diameter of the cap, then it becomes narrower, but is nearly always wider at the base, with a fine reticule nearly to the base, sometimes barely marked.

FLESH: White, does not change to touch, firm when young, then soft, dark red under the cuticle, plesant smell and flavour.

HABITAT: Spring-autumn mainly under pine and beech trees.

EDIBILITY: Excellent.

OBSERVATIONS: They can be confused with Boletus aereus but the latter does not have any reddish tones.. It is the earliest of the Boletus and usually appears in April or May, then disappears in summer and shoots again in autumn.


Text and pictures: Plácido Iglesias.

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