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Edible fungi

Saffron Milk Cup

Lactarius deliciosus – Saffron Milk Cup

From deliciosus (lat) = delicious. Due to its flavour.
Common name = Saffron Milk Cup

CAP: 5 to 12 (15) cm in diameter, convex to flat-convex and depressed in the centre at the end, with a rolled edge when young, orangey-red in colour with concentric circles, viscose when the weather is wet.

GILLS: Adnate to decurrent, with lamelules, orange in colour that turns green in time.

STEM: Orangey, cylindrical, hollow early on, scrobiculated (with small dimples), narrow at the base.

FLESH: Hard, compact, light when young, then carrot-orange and finally green in colour. Pleasant smell and flavour. When it is cut, it secretes a carrot-orange substance that turns green when it comes into contact with air.

HABITAT: End of the summer and autumn in conifer forests.

EDIBILITY: Very tasty, especially when young.

OBSERVATIONS: It is a very common mushroom in our pine forests and it is increasingly more sought after as it is very tasty and easy to identify, thanks to the colour of the latex. It can be confused with L.quieticolor, L.semisanguifluus y L.hemicyaneus, which are all eligible.


Text and pictures: Plácido Iglesias.

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