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Edible fungi

Clouded Funnel Cap

Clitocybe nebularis – Clouded Funnel Cap

From nebula (lat) = Cloud Due to the colour
Common name = (eng) Clouded Funnel Cap

CAP: 5 to 15 cm in diameter, convex, hunched, then spread out and finally rather depressed, grey or brownish-grey, darker in the centre, sometimes with a whitish hoarfrost, rather straight edge.

GILLS: Tight, creamy-white, with lamelules, adnate to rather decurrent, easily separated from the flesh of the mushroom.

STEM: Claviform, solid and smooth, fibrous, narrow at top, whitish or rather greyish.

FLESH: White, solid, thick, spongy at end, undefined strong smell (“grilled”), sweet flavour.

HABITAT: October to December in pine, oak and beech forests, and meadows with heathland.

EDIBILITY: Edible, though does not suit many people.

OBSERVATIONS: It is a very common and very well-known mushroom. It can be confused with Entoloma lividum and that leads to many people being poisoned every year. The E.lividum has low-cut gills and is salmon pink in colour when mature and the C.nebularis has decurrent gills and is whitish-cream in colour.


Text and pictures: Plácido Iglesias.

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