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Routes from Atxarte

Alluitz (1.034 m)

El Alluitz parece inexpugnable pero no lo es; buscaremos su cara noreste para acceder a la cima
Mount Alluitz seems to be impregnable, but that is not the case. The way up is on its north-eastern side.

Data sheet

Distance: 6 Km.
Approximate time (return): 3 h 15 min.
Gradient: 740 m.
Difficulty: Medium-high.
Best time to visit: Spring, summer and autumn.
Points of Interest: Santo Cristo de Atxarte Chapel, stone bridge, ruins of the old Atxarte mill, limestone crags, rock birds and panoramic views.

Route description

From the upper car park in Atxarte, slightly above the quarries, there is a well marked path to the left that rises steeply up through a hundred-year-old beech forest that covers the lower part of the southern slope of Aitz-Txiki. The Aitz-Txiki spurs rise up over the beech forest, and on a clear day, you will be able to see the ropes of the numerous climbers making their way up the vertical walls. The path then brings you to a wide path from the Intxaurralde farmstead. You will soon reach the Genzelai meadows, surrounded by some old beech trees and a huge pylon. Follow the power line to the Artola col. The path initially zigzags through a stone quarry and then between grazing land and old beech trees.

When you reach Artola col, turn right and continually diagonally to the north-east side of the mountain until you come to a steep channel that you will climb up to the top of the mountain. When you reach the top of the channel, go up the steep slope between rocks and grazing land until you reach the ridge almost next to the side of the peak crowned with a geodesic vertex. Do not go too near the other edge of the ridge, as it is the top of a huge sheer wall raising hundreds of metres above the valley floor. There are magnificent views from the top and you can see the long ridge that runs towards Anboto. This stretch should only be undertaken by experienced hikers, who immediately after leaving the peak, will set off across the scary Infernuzubi pass or Hell's Bridge.

Other walkers should just enjoy the fantastic views from the top and then return by the same path as they went up.


Latxa sheep on Alluitz
Latxa sheep on Alluitz.


The impressive Alluitz-Anboto ridge
The impressive Alluitz-Anboto ridge.


Alluitz crags
Alluitz crags.


Orchid in bloom on the slopes of Alluitz
Orchid in bloom on the slopes of Alluitz.


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