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Routes from the Urkiola Pass

Saibi (Saibigain)

Comienzo de la ruta junto a Toki Alai
The route begins from the Toki Alai Visitors’ Centre

Data sheet

Distance: 4 Km.
Approximate time (return): 1 h 15 min.
Gradient: 200 m.
Difficulty: Low.
Best time to visit: Year round.
Points of Interest: Panoramic view from the summit, place of historical interest (Civil War), stockbreeding zone, forests.

Route description

The route starts from the Toki Alai Visitors’ Centre. Turn left a few metres below the car park (or right if you come up from below) next to a panel with the map of the Park and continue along a wide forest track.

Follow the track for about 10 minutes as you go past an area reforested with cypresses. You will then come to a more open area with heath and moorland, where you can enjoy impressive views over the surrounding mountains. The mountains from left to right are: Saibi with its stone cross, Eskuagatx, Mugarra loaming over the village of Mañaria and Untzillatx.

On clear days, you can see the Laida beach to the north which is in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. After a short climb, the path flattens out until you reach a crossroads with a sign that indicates you should take the path to the right. After going through a pine forest, you will come to a large field where you can make out the nearby Gorbeia farmstead. It is just a short stretch across the pastureland to the peak of Mount Saibi (945 m). The Saibi was the scene of bloody battles during the Spanish Civil War and the plaque on the cross bears an inscription to the memory of the fallen soldiers. The remains of the trenches and bombing can still be made out in the surrounding countryside. There is an orientation table with the names of most of the peaks in the Urkiola Natural Park.

The return is down the same route as the way up.


A sign along the route indicates the way to go.


The north slope of the Saibi is home to one of the Park’s best preserved beech forests.


Orientation table on the peak of Mount Saibi.


A large cross stands on the peak in memory of the soldiers who died during the Civil War.


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